5:00. UA
fot. Przemysław Jendroska
5:00. UA
Yuliia Maslak

A production by artists who have escaped the war-engulfed Ukraine. Their work only lasted for several weeks, and became possible thanks to a residence under the aegis of the Forum of Theatre Directors of the Silesia Region. A tale of wartime traumas and the will to survive that surpasses fear and despair. Of overcoming traumas. The small stage is solely taken over by women: women – volunteers, women – survivors of sexual abuse, women serving in Ukrainian Armed Forces, women – refugees from the areas consumed by war, and women who were killed in the war. Powerful images, words etching themselves in into the memory, expressive movements in a modest show that means more than a drama staged with a great panache. Two members of the cast are now permanent members of the Śląski Theatre and work on another project at the Zagłębia Theatre in Sosnowiec, while others run their projects with partners all around Poland. The director, Yulia Maslak, won a prize at the Rzeczywistość Przedstawiona Festival in Zabrze, and the production was also recognised by the Jury of the Young “for courage in all the many senses of the word, and for bearing witness to what a great evil war is”.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Nina Zakharova
Szymon Suchoń
Video projections
Bartłomiej Sowa
Lights director
Marcin Łyczkowski
Tatiana Gerasymchuk, Maria Kardash, Halyna Lozynska, Anna Lysenko, Sofiia Mutylo, Dariia Novykova, Nataliia Pysarieva,
Yerheniia Prysiazhna, Halyna Ryba, Kseniia Svistun, Kateryna Vasiukova, Nina Zakharova