New Belarusian Drama. 21st Century
90’ (no intermission)

//lecture//Belarus – aNew//

Speaker: Viktoryia Larionova
Moderator: Angelika Krashevska i Irina Lappo


The history of contemporary Belarusian drama is shaped both as a result, and in spite of cultural and social processes. A powerful new drama movement has emerged as a phenomenon independent of theatrical world and is capable of moving both towards traditional “Aristotelian drama” and documentary and post-dramatic theatre. During the lecture we will talk about people and institutions that play the key role in the development of drama in Belarus and discuss how the new Belarusian reality has transformed contemporary art. We will try to answer the following questions: What is new Belarusian drama? In what context and circumstances does it develop? What is the “phenomenon of Belarusian drama” and does the Belarusian theatre actually need it?

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