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When: 09.12.2023 — 20:00
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Wiktor Rubin
Text author:
Jolanta Janiczak
100 minutes

Wiktor Rubin returns to the Inferno competition of the Boska Komedia / Divine Comedy (having received the prize for directing the play Everyone Gets What They Believe In at the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw in 2016) to propose a production based on a true story with the authentic character of Eugeniusz Steinbart, plucked straight from the local history of Łódź, at its heart. The press described Eugeniusz as “a woman who in every way looked like a man”. Using a relative’s documents, he married in a church and raised a child with his wife. He was imprisoned for “attestation of falsehood”. The play reenacts his trial. Although the character’s gender holds immeasurable significance for them, this is something we tend to forget. This is largely due to the director, the playwright Jolanta Janiczak, and above all, Edmund Krempiński, a transgender actor who has infuses the play with his highly intimate experiences. As a result, Łódź received a production whose social impact overshadows all other aspects. It is a voice that has the potential to penetrate the wall of indifference. The first narrative of transition in Polish mainstream theatre that erects no barriers before a wide audience.

→ after the performance, a meeting with the creators is led by: Łukasz Drewniak

Fot. HaWa

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Łukasz Surowiec
scenography and video
Rafał Domagała
Krzysztof Kaliski
Jacqueline Sobiszewski
lights director
Michał Kruk
assistant director
Ola Jasionowska
visual identification
Karolina Bednarek, Monika Buchowiec, Maciej Kobiela, Paweł Kos, Edmund Krempiński, Michał Kruk,Halszka Lehman, Paulina Walendziak, Agnieszka Choińska, Michał Jeziorski, Piotr Malec, Grzegorz Pawłowski, Adam Sobczyński, Marek Szymański, Dariusz Wojtkun