Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Kraków
When: 10.12.2023 — 17:00
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Anna Smolar
Text author:
Emmanuel Carrère

Another production by Anna Smolar gracing the stage of the Boska Komedia / Divine Comedy Festival and coming, after Halka, from the National Stary Theatre in Kraków. This adaptation of the autobiographical book by the renowned French author Emmanuel Carrere was initially intended as a cheerful manual on meditation, yoga, and the art of living. However, under the impact of events in France and Europe, and the author’s personal experiences, it transformed into a poignant, intimately sincere testament to own mental health crisis, which the author himself described as a “psychiatric autobiography”. Carrere constructs his own honest, perhaps somewhat touched-up, image, drawing – whether always truthfully or not – portraits of his partners, friends, and chance encounters. In her performance, Anna Smolar abandons the confessional monologue of the narrator in favour of painting a multifaceted picture on stage, creating a web of encounters and relationships. All of this serves the endeavour to reconstruct the pain they contain, turning it into an experience shared with the audience. The cast includes Dorota Pomykała, Małgorzata Zawadzka, Michał Majnicz, and Radosław Krzyżowski.

Section Biała strzałka w prawo
Krakowski showcase
Anna Smolar
Tomasz Śpiewak
cooperating dramatist
Anna Met
sets and costumes
Paweł Sakowicz
movement director
Monika Stolarska
lights director
Sara Goworowska, Weronika Zajkowska
assistant director
Rafał Paradowski
Liubov Gorobiuk
Hanna Nowak
stage manager
Roman Gancarczyk, Mikołaj Kubacki, Radosław Krzyżowski, Michał Majnicz, Dorota Pomykała, Łukasz Stawarczyk, Alicja Wojnowska, Małgorzata Zawadzka