Additional dates and seats for the most popular performances

The 16th edition of the Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival will take place from December 8 to 16 in Krakow. During this time, the most important Polish directors will show their performances in Krakow, including: Krystian Lupa, Jan Klata, Maja Kleczewska. Due to the huge interest, the number of tickets for the most popular performances of the festival will be increased. This will be possible thanks to the reconstruction of the theatre auditorium.

The Łaźnia Nowa Theatre will soon invite the audience of the Divine Comedy festival to its premises. On the big stage of the theatre we will see, among others: the premiere showing of the play „Balconies – Love Songs” by Krystian Lupa, the famous performance by Mariusz Pakuła „How I Didn't Kill My Father and How Much I Regret It”, „Anxiety Comes at Dusk” by Małgorzata Wdowik and „I'm Nowhere / Desvanecimiento” by Norbert Rakowski.

Also planned in Łaźnia Nowa is a presentation of Magdalena Łazarkiewicz's play „Unexpected Return”, starring Daniel Olbrychski and Tomasz Karolak. To accommodate as many people as possible, we decided to add a second showing of this performance to the program on December 13 at 8:30 p.m.

Due to the huge interest in the events of the Divine Comedy, the auditorium of Łaźnia Nowa will be rebuilt and will gain several dozen seats.

– The great advantage of such an adapted space, which was not originally designed as a theater hall, is that we have a direct influence on the layout and number of seats. Seeing how many people are still fighting for tickets to performances, we decided to expand the audience. Boska always tries to meet the audience's expectations – says Bartosz Szydłowski, artistic director of Divine Comedy and general director of Łaźnia Nowa.

Additional seats are already on sale – tickets can be purchased at

This year, as part of the Divine Comedy festival, the audience will see over twenty performances from Poland and abroad, including the seven best productions of the past season, which will compete for the Divine Comedian statuette. Legends of Polish theater and debutants will perform on Krakow's stages. The slogan of the sixteenth edition of the festival will be „Landscape after the battle”.

– There is a constant belief in the fact that Polish theater has strength and great authenticity. It is a clash of subjective worlds in which none of them has the ambition to tell objective truths, but claims the right to move in their own direction and build their own perspective. In this clash, we have a landscape of symbolic and conventional battles that are behind us – said Bartosz Szydłowski, artistic director of the festival, during the conference announcing the events. – The performances of the Divine Comedy reflect this landscape after the battle. They may not analyze the causes, but they are testimony to the times.

Photo Grażyna Gudejko (photo from the play Unexpected Return)