A theatrical guide for latecomers
fot. Jędrzej Majka

There are no tickets for most events, but we don't wring our hands. You don't have to go to all the performances to feel like a festival participant! You can still get individual seats on the website sklepety.boskakomedia.pl, and there is also an official ticket exchange - you can try there too. However, there are many accompanying events, most of which are free of charge - we invite all theater lovers.

We argue

Serious, opening debates - not only regarding the challenges facing the theater, but the entire culture of the time of breakthrough.

On Saturday, December 9 at 15 at the National Stary Theater there will be a debate "The (In)visible Work of Choreographerx". We will listen to, among others: Patrycja Kowańska and Dominika Knapik, whose dance performance "Very Funny" could be seen twice the previous day on the stage of the Stary Theater (note, tickets are still available for the additional evening performance!).

On Tuesday, December 12, at noon, an extremely interesting philosophical debate led by Piotr Augustyniak: "Forgiveness or revenge. Prosper's dilemmas. Can we distinguish the desire for revenge from the need for justice? And is forgiveness necessary for the political community to function properly? Guests include: Anna Strzałkowska and Tomasz Stawiszyński. The meeting will take place at Słowacki Theatre.

On Friday, December 15, at 12 p.m., Jacek Cieślak will invite us to a conversation about what culture should and could look like after PiS. How to change the anti-democratic model of cultural management so as not to repeat the mistakes of excluding communities with different views. The host of the meeting will be accompanied by: Paweł Potoroczyn, Magdalena Sroka, Michał Merczyński, Dominika Kawalerowicz and Katarzyna Janowska.

On Sunday, December 10 at 12 “Dialogue without dialogue? It's best not to get along, so I see our theater as huge. Magdalena Rigamonti, author of the famous interview with Monika Strzępka, and her guests will talk about recent events in the theater community. About the boundaries that apply in the world of creators, who necessarily operate with increased sensitivity, as well as about situations in which these boundaries are crossed. The conversation will be attended by: Alina Czyżewska, Łukasz Drewniak, Małgorzata Wdowik, Paweł Łysak and Anna Karasińska and many other invited representatives of the theater community of various professions. The organizers, together with the artists, decided to limit the group of discussants to representatives of the theater industry, so this debate will be closed to the media and the general festival audience. “We all feel that we need a conversation that will examine the situation we are in. Its working and closed nature will facilitate analysis and promote mindfulness, which is so invaluable in the case of difficult topics," says Bartosz Szydłowski, festival director. People representing the industry and interested in participating in the debate are asked to contact pr@boskakomedia.pl.

We support

The Witkacy Award is a distinction for merits in promoting Polish theater in the world, awarded to people from outside Poland. On Friday, December 8 at 18 at the ZASP Club there will be a meeting with the winner of this year's Award, Soren Gauger. The next day, December 9, online meetings with the winners from 2019-21 will be held at the House of Utopia (near Łaźnia Nowa), starting at 12 noon. We invite you to talks with Koichi Kuyama, Michael Hackett, and José Gabriel López Antuñano. A perfect excuse to wait in Łaźnia for the evening show of "Balconies - Love Songs" by Krystian Lupa.

We present

December 14 at 3.30 p.m. at the Theater Słowackiego (Dom Machin stage) there will be a performative show of the Ukrainian drama "Insekt" by Lena Kudajeva, directed by Tomasz Fryzł. It will precede further events in this section of the festival: a discussion on how the theater of Ukraine is changing under the influence of the Russian invasion and the promotion of a book containing a selection of dramas written during the war. The show will feature an actress of Ukrainian origin who works permanently in the Silesian Theater - Nina Batovska. Admission to this event is free, but tickets are required and can be obtained by writing to the following address: bilety@boskakomedia.pl.

We point

And last but not least - we will publish information about available places for performances on the Divine Comedy Facebook profile. We recommend adding this subpage to your favorites and following its traffic. There is also a ticket exchange for Boska - viewers who cannot make it to the theater on a given day contact us there and sell their tickets (you can find it by entering the Boska Komedia Ticket Exchange in the FB search engine). Good luck!