WINTER LIGHT in Łaźnia Nowa – the first part of the prologue of the Divine Comedy 2024

On April 28, we invite you to the first part of the prologue of this year’s festival. The Łaźnia Nowa Theater will host “Winter Light”, a performance directed by Tomasz Fryzeł, based on one of the most famous film masterpieces by Ingmar Bergman. These are the only two Krakow shows of the play from the Nowy Theater in Warsaw.

“My God and I lived in a specially prearranged world, one in which everything was in order”, says Tomas Ericsson, the central protagonist of the “Winter Light”. That world, along with the God he believed in, are long gone while he, enduring in a barren reality, confronts the illusory nature of his old world views.

Next to this man of the cloth, battling with his own lack of faith, stand three characters all alike in their conditions. Marta Lundberg, an atheist touched by the miraculous power of a God she does not believe in. Jonas Persson, a man suffering from depression who is terrified by visions of impending atomic war. Algot Frövik – a verger suffering from spinal disorder who reads about Christ's sufferings in order to overcome persistent insomnia.

The roles of Bergman’s characters will be played by four outstanding actors from the Nowy Theatre team: Mariusz Bonaszewski, Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Marek Kalita and Wojciech Kalarus.

Tickets for both shows have just gone on sale. Pre-sale at lower prices lasts until March 15 (or while stock lasts) – so we recommend not delaying your purchase.

Tickets are available at:

Performance dates: April 28 at 5:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. on the big stage of Łaźnia Nowa.

Photo by Klaudyna Schubert