Young directors at the Divine Comedy
PIES, reż. Barbara Bendyk

On Saturday, December 9, three etudes by the directing department of the Krakow AST will be shown at the Divine Comedy festival. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the works of young artists before their talents are discovered to the world.

Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the academy's headquarters at ul. The Warsaw audience will have the opportunity to see the following performances: "Pies" by Barbara Bendyk (Grand Prix of the Young Directors' Forum), "HA HA HA" by Krzysztof Zygucki and "Real Rosenthale" by Tadeusz Pyrczak (2nd prize).

As Bartosz Szydłowski, artistic director of the Divine Comedy, says: "Thanks to these shows, you can look inside the school labyrinth and feel the overwhelming power of a sincere gesture and directness, which is sometimes difficult to find in professional theater."

The performances will be shown in the Boska program also due to the possibility of presenting them to guests from abroad. "This is a generational statement of the young theater, because directors often work with their peers. It reflects the range of challenges that young people now face, e.g. family relationships or identity. It also shows the improvisation possibilities and skills that actors acquire - students of the Krakow Academy. It is also a mini-celebration for the AST directing department, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

The Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow is a partner of the Divine Comedy International Theater Festival.